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SIMATIC OPC UA S7-1500 Medium, Single Runtime License, contains license certificate for OPC UA server and OPC UA client Class A, executable on all ET 200SP CPUs, S7-1500 up to CPU-1516, CPU 1507S, including F and T derivatives Firmware V2.0 or higher ******************************* Content: Certificate of License SIMATIC OPC UA permits the integration of SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers in Industry 4.0 type automation plants. The symbolic and secure access to data in a SIMATIC S7-1500 is simple and powerful. The OPC UA data access as OPC UA Server or OPC UA Client functions are supported. In addition, methods and companion specifications can also be used. The manufacturer and platform-independent OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is the communication standard for Industry 4.0. OPC UA can be used in parallel to PROFINET in all Ethernet networks thanks to the basic TCP/IP communication. In addition to linking the CPU, it is also possible to link field devices using OPC UA, for example, to the IT levels.

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