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button, 2 CO 20 A 1 key gray Switching devices for mounting onto standard rails for controlling electrical systems. The switchgears from Siemens for standard rail mounting are an important elements of SENTRON components for electrical installations and are used in control cabinets and distribution boards for switching small loads on/off or over. Whether with remote or manual switching, latch or touch function, and for infrastructure or industrial requirements, Siemens provides switchgears for all applications and every application area. User-friendly mounting and connection technology, standardized accessories and an integrated design are the key features of this device family. The Siemens switching devices are primarily characterized by: 1. Comprehensive applications for switching small loads. 2. A wide variety of standardized accessories, easy to install and replaceable at any time. 3. Space-saving and easy mounting onto standard mounting rails. 4. Combination with remote control switches possible. 5. Reliable safety during installation due to standard reach-around and touch protection. 6. Optimized technology for your safety – only from Siemens. &DPMD_ACC602_001_000_1001213&

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